Wedding Flowers To Match Every Theme

Summer Wedding Flowers
June 14, 2021
Make Your Wedding Bouquets Special
October 20, 2021

Wedding season is in full bloom, and we’ve seen so many amazing celebrations this year! It can be a challenge to find wedding bouquets and flowers to match the rest of your special day. Corona Del Mar Florist is here to match you with the perfect wedding flowers in Newport Beach CA. 


Rustic weddings have been trending for quite some time now, and it’s no wonder why! This fun and intimate theme is easy to execute on any budget, and brings Southern comfort and charm to an already heartwarming day. Classic rustic wedding flowers include sunflowers (a popular choice for summer wedding florals!) or big greenery detailed with baby’s breath. 


If you want a classic, romantic feel to your big day, large, soft flowers like roses and peonies are the way to go. Pull big arrangements with blush, white, and lavender shades for an elegant wedding bouquet that will pair with any bride’s look. Add overflowing greenery for an extra special touch. 


Boho brides, this one’s for you! Bohemian weddings are all the rage nowadays, and the wedding bouquets are to die for. Opt for plenty of greenery with subtle floral touches, like wildflowers and baby’s breath. One of the most popular floral designs for 2021 weddings is to incorporate pampas grass into your arrangements. Your wedding bouquet should be loose, unpolished, and as free-spirited as the bride and groom. 


If you’re a true Newport Beach CA bride, chances are you’ll be incorporating the beach into your wedding, even if it’s just the venue. Soft pink and white florals pair well with the blue ocean backdrop and soft bridesmaids dresses. You may even want to incorporate your “something blue” into your wedding bouquet with subtle blues like sea holly and hydrangeas.


For our bold brides, we are loving the trend of bright bouquets this year. From pops of pink to vibrant orange hues, we can’t get enough. Pair hot pink peonies with blossomed poppies for a fun and wild wedding flower arrangement. And if you want to add some sentiment to your bouquet, look up what each color variation of your flowers means.


Everyone dreams of a fairytale wedding, but only some brides make sure they get one! If your wedding theme is rooted in “Once Upon A Time” and “Happily Ever After”, your flower choices can help tell the story. Round, soft flowers (like roses, ranunculus, and gardenias) in purple and pink hues will make for a dreamy look. However, if your wedding is inspired by one specific story, you’ll want to nod to that in your arrangement- like red roses for Beauty and the Beast.

No matter what your dream wedding looks like, it’s not complete without your Corona Del Mar wedding bouquet from Newport Beach CA! For more information regarding your wedding flowers, wedding bouquet, or flowery delivery in Newport Beach CA, visit or contact Corona Del Mar Florist today!

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