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August 17, 2021
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January 11, 2022

The bridal bouquet is an intrical part of any wedding. Wedding flowers set the stage for a bride’s special day and welcome guests into the magic. They also accompany the bride in the most important journey of her life- her walk down the aisle! Here are some ideas from Corona Del Mar Florist on how to make your wedding bouquets in Newport Beach CA extra special. 

When it comes to styling and personalizing a wedding bouquet, we like to start with a simple wedding rule to pick the perfect detail for each individual bride. We ask, will your bridal bouquet include something old, something new, something borrowed, or something blue? Or maybe, all of the above? 

Something Old

Over the years, we’ve seen brides incorporate all sorts of special heirlooms into their bridal bouquets! Old sorority pins, pictures of ancestors, family charms, or dried florals from your mother or grandmother’s bouquet will give your wedding flowers a lovely sentiment to carry you through your special day.

Something New

If you want to skip the traditions, you can still elevate your wedding bouquet with something new! Be it a special satin ribbon, pin, or non-traditional floral, treat yourself (and your wedding flowers!) to some extra bling for your bouquet.

Something Borrowed

This one can go hand in hand with something “old”, but borrowing from friends, family, or even your partner can bring a unique and personal touch to your bridal bouquet. Imagine walking down the aisle with your partner’s favorite cufflinks, or your mother’s pearls attached to your stems! 

Something Blue

Wedding bouquets are the perfect opportunity to subtly incorporate something blue into your wedding! Whether it’s a blue ribbon around the stems, or feeding tiny blue flowers into your bouquet, a peep of blue will give you a special comfort walking down the aisle. 

No matter how you choose to elevate your wedding bouquets, your Corona Del Mar wedding florist in Newport Beach CA is here to make your dreams come true! For more information regarding your wedding flowers, wedding bouquets, or same day flower delivery in Newport Beach CA, visit or contact Corona Del Mar Florist today!

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