What Flowers Should You Get This Summer? Florist Newport Beach Ca

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April 18, 2022
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What Flowers Should You Get This Summer? Florist Newport Beach Ca

Some flowers just remind you of summer! Besides their beauty appeal, each flower is unique and holds a special meaning. Let’s take a little dive into what our favorite summer flowers are all about.

  1. Sunflower

You guessed it, first up on our list is the classic sunflower. These flowers serve as a symbol of adoration, goodluck, lasting happiness, and vitality. For this reason, sunflowers are best to be given for graduations, or to congratulate someone on their new business adventure. 

  1. Peonies

A peony represents good fortune, a happy marriage, or everlasting prosperity. With all the summer weddings coming up this is a great gift for the happy couple wishing them a lifetime of happiness. 

  1. Dahlia

Something to note is that each color Dahlia has a different meaning. We will be focusing on the pink Dahlia and the symbolism this flower holds. Pink Dahlias represent kindness, beauty, and highlights the importance of femime beauty. This is a great gift to an empowering female figure in your life for their birthday or celebration.

  1. Aster

The Aster flower was named after the Greek word for ‘star’ due to its star-like appearance. A purple Aster represents wisdom and royalty, while a white Aster symbolizes purity and innocence. Unlike other flowers, Asters are appropriate to give as a gift for any occasion. 

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