Holiday Floral Arrangements by a Newport Coast Florist

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April 2, 2018
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Holiday Floral Arrangements by a Newport Coast Florist

Corona Del Mar Florist are the Flowers to “Root” for this Holiday Season

The holidays may be the “most wonderful time of the year,” however amidst all the magic and beauty, lies a certain pressure and responsibility to upkeep this seasonal pseud. Searching for the right Newport Coast florist should not be an added stress that takes away from your enjoyment of the holidays. From vibrant Thanksgiving floral arrangements to exquisite Christmas floral arrangements, Corona Del Mar Florist is the ultimate solution for all your botanical needs!

Here are 3 tips for getting the most out of your floral arrangements this holiday season:

  • Budget: It is important to determine your budget before selecting a floral arrangement option. This budget not only has to take into consideration the obvious costs associated with the service, but additionally the upkeep, presentation, and other necessary components for having your vision come to life.


  • Share Your Vision: On the concept of vision, it is essential that you have developed a clear sense of what you want your arrangements to look like. This includes the ideal presentation, height, colors, levels, and scents of your arrangements. We may be highly rated Newport Coast florist, but we’re not mind readers. That being said, it is important you bring in examples of what you had envisioned, table cloth swatches, and other cordiating centerpieces so that we can deliver extraordinary results.




  • Preservation: The day has come and you are perfecting the placement of your stunning Thanksgiving floral arrangement. In order to maintain the pristine beauty of the flowers, you must keep in mind some important factors. Examples of these include water temperature, stems, and location placement. Water temperature should be more on the warm side especially for tightly closed flower heads such as roses. Stems should also be trimmed before placing the flowers in new water. Leaves that have fallen below the waterline should be cut off as well. Lastly, the arrangements should be placed far away from direct sunlight and heating vents in order to maximize the life of the flowers.

As a top-rated florist Newport Coast, CA, Corona Del Mar Florist are your go-to provider for all floral needs! Contact with any questions or inquiries!

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