Fall Flower Arrangements

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August 13, 2020
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Now that it is fall, it is the perfect time to revamp your home with the help of a florist Newport Beach CA. Here are some unique ideas to beautifully decorate any space this fall!

Incorporate Fall Accessories

There are a few distinct images that may come to one’s mind when they think ‘fall’. This could include pumpkins, decorative leaves, or warm colored flowers. These can all be incorporated into your flower arrangement to radiate a feeling of fall throughout your space and give it some life!

Choose a Unique Vase

During the fall time you have the ability to incorporate a vase that can add to your arrangement and make it extra unique. A popular choice during this time is some sort of wicker basket or picnic like basket to set your flower arrangement in. Some have even used a pumpkin at the base as their vase! A neutral colored or even clear vase is another option many use. In that case you could use that same vase year round for all sorts of arrangements if you wish.

Stick to the Right Colors

In order to give off the feeling of fall from your flower arrangement it is smart to choose the right colors for your arrangement. Warm colors such as orange, red and yellow are popular choices with accents of green, cream and neutral colors. Some of the most popular fall flowers to include are Sunflowers, Orange Gerbera, warm colored Roses, and Lilies. These flowers are almost always mixed in with some sort of leafy plant and smaller accent plants of your choice. This is also when you can add in some fall accessories such as mini pumpkins or apples!

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