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Florist Newport Coast CA
Florist Newport Coast CA
June 1, 2017
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April 2, 2018

At Corona del Mar Florist, hydrangeas are a mainstay of our bespoke floral design.  Their lush, full blooms and varied array of colors makes them a versatile and much loved, in-demand flower.

White hydrangeas are normally the first that come to mind, but shades of green, blue, pink and purple are almost always available in the Corona Del Mar Florist flower cooler, and offer depth and class to any design.hydrengeas Newport Beach

Hydrangeas come in various flower shapes with the most popular being the “Mophead” style.  This is the full, fluffy type made up of multiple blossoms and commonly seen in floral designs and yards.  The “Lacecap” hydrangea is more delicate looking, made up of flat caps with frilly edges.  The center of the bloom is flatter and edged with showier flowers.  Lacecaps are seasonally available for floral design and often seen as potted plants for gifts.  The third type of hydrangea is the “Panicle” type which has a large cone shaped bloom.  “Limelight” is one of the most popular varieties in a beautiful bright lime color, and while only available seasonally in floral design, it is a stunning shrub to grow in your yard.

Florist Newport BeachThe main thing to remember with any hydrangea, is their constant need for water. If their water source is limited, they will quickly wilt and eventually die. Hydrangeas have a thick, dense stem which clogs easily, and thus inhibits the water uptake.  If your hydrangea stem begins to wilt, snip off 1″ from the stem and generally it will perk up within a few hours.  Also try to snip your stem above any one of the bumpy nodes rather than below, as these nodes also have a tendency to block water intake.

The hydrangea is a beautiful cut flower and shrub that will complete any floral design or shady yard.  When placing your flower order, remember to ask us what hydrangeas are available so that we can be sure to incorporate them in your floral design.


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