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August 11, 2022
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December 14, 2022

With autumn in full bloom, you might be thinking about ways to style your home for the season. Flowers tend to get overlooked during the fall months, but there’s incredible beauty in the plants and colors that this season brings. Having seasonal florals around can enrich your home and create a cozy atmosphere. Here are five of our favorites for your flower arrangements in Newport Beach CA this fall.

1. Sunflowers 

Sunflowers are a favorite for many during the autumn months, and are distinctive for their beauty. Sunflowers are known for their disk-shaped blooms and cheerful shades of yellow and orange. These flowers can represent happiness, joy, and friendship. Some even consider sunflowers as a sign of abundance and harvest. You may even find them around your neighborhood or at the local pumpkin patch! These characteristics make sunflowers a great addition this season.

2. Marigolds 

This beautiful and vibrant floral is one of our favorites for autumn. Marigolds bloom throughout the summer and fall, and can produce beautiful autumn hues. Marigolds have daisy or carnation-shaped blossoms and range in color from orange, to yellow, and even red. Like sunflowers, these florals represent warmth, joy, and positive energy. 

3. Mums 

Mums come in a variety of colors, but their sunset hues make them perfect for the autumn season. Mums can bloom beautiful pom-pom flower heads that are full of personality. Generally, mums are associated with friendship, trust, joy, and optimism. Mums are also the official flower for November birthdays, making them a great gift for your loved ones celebrating this fall.

4. Delilahs 

Who doesn’t love delilahs? These flowers are known for their gorgeous, large blossoms and come in an array of colors. Our favorite colors for the season would have to be orange, lavender, red, and bronze. Delilahs are also known to be the best pick for fall wedding arrangements, since they are often known to symbolize commitment between two people and kindness towards others. 

5. Hibiscus 

As a fall flower, the hibiscus is a perfect choice that comes in a variety of colors and large beautiful petals. We like to use the one with sunset-hued shades like orange, yellow, red, and dark pink. Hibiscus tends to represent femininity. These flowers can add warmth and comfort to any part of your home, especially if you prefer more colorful decor. 

Which of these florals are you loving this season? For more inspiration for flower arrangements, same day flower delivery, or online flower order Newport Beach CA, visit Corona Del Mar Florist today!

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